Terms & Conditions

Our Service Level Promise To You

We are a private clinic offering aesthetic treatments for the face and body. We offer treatments for conditions that can sometimes cause mental anguish or give you insecurities. We will always treat you with respect and understanding. Please remember that nobody is perfect and the bits that you may not like, are the bits we do! We are hands on and there is nothing more appealing to our body specialists than a good handful of wobbly leg fat with signs of cellulite. Our skin specialist suffers with a chronic skin condition herself, which is where our love of making things better comes from. Helping others makes our little eyes light up! We all enjoy our jobs and work hard to achieve the best possible improvements for you.

We are now required to take before and after pictures for insurance purposes. Body pictures will not include the face, they will be stored safely and are never used for advertising purposes, your treatment is private. Facial photos will be taken of the skin concern which will be used to monitor your progress and improvements.

*We offer advanced aesthetic treatments where it is normal to pierce the skin, create trauma and to use medical grade equipment and lasers.

*We are not a salon. We are a clinic providing treatments, and as such we have a duty of care to you, our clients.

*We must ensure that the treatment we provide is suitable to achieve the desired results.

*We will inform you of any possible reactions and side effects.

*We will always discuss our treatments with you before proceeding.

*We will advise you when we feel a treatment is not suitable or is not likely to give you the results you would like and to tell you when we feel the treatment has run it’s course and no further improvements are likely.

In some cases, we may come across unexpected issues or reactions, like excessive bleeding, panic attacks, feelings of faintness and passing out.

This is completely normal and we will do whatever we can to make you feel comfortable until the feeling passes or the issue is resolved. In rare cases of a medical emergency we will call 999 for an ambulance.

We care about the standards of our treatments, sometimes we may also decide that the allotted time of your treatment isn’t enough to complete the full procedure with the appropriate care required in your individual case. In this instance your appointment may run longer.

Due to this we may occasionally run late for our next scheduled appointment. We ask that you have the same patience with us, as we do with you. Your treatment will never be cut short or reduced in any way to enable us to “catch up”. We will always treat you with the time and care required rather than just to within a set time.

Treatments requiring pre-numb, will require you to sit and wait with topical numb anywhere from 25 mins to 60 mins depending on the treatment. Ear repair requires 2 hours pre-numb and we ask you to start this process 2 hours before your appointment time.

During your sit and numb time, we may have scheduled other clients treatments whilst you are waiting.

Your treatment start time will be your arrival time plus however many minutes for numbing.

If you must leave by a specific time please let one of our team know so we can look to offer you a resolution

Our machines are highly sensitive and have safeguarding in place to protect you, however sometimes we may need to perform on-site re-calibration or send away for service and repair. For your safety we reserve the right to cancel or delay your appointment without prior notice until such updates have been actioned and the equipment is considered to be operating within the manufacturers guidelines.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding of our commitment to safe practices and procedures.