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new February 2019 picosecond laser

For around 25 years the Q-switched laser has been the gold standard and pretty much the only safe option for the treatment of tattoo removal. The new Picosecond lasers started to come in to use in 2016 finally offering a better option for tattoo removal. Using not only heat but acoustic waves the pico second or picosure lasers are able to break down ink particles into smaller fragments with less chance of heat damage to the skin and tissue, with a more rapid removal by half the time of traditional Q-switched laser.

We are happy to announce that we will not be increasing the tattoo removal prices, this is to help all of our clients currently with us for tattoo removal, not to incur additional costs to their tattoo removal treatments. New customers will also benefit from this for an introductory period and you will not pay more for our brand new Picosecond laser tattoo removal than you would have in 2018 with our Q-switched laser.


We are literally super, super happy!

yes, super, super, super happy!

Tattoo Removal isn’t as painful or as expensive as TV shows may have you believe, there are a few ways to minimise the sensitivity of laser therapy treatments. You can purchase over the counter skin numbing cream EMLA 5% lidocaine topical preparation. This should be applied liberally to the skin and covered with cling film for 40 minutes prior to your appointment. Freezer gel ice packs can be applied for 20 minutes before your appointment which will also reduce the heat sensation experienced during your treatment. Always wrap the freezer packs and avoid direct skin contact to prevent freezer burns on the skin.

Both forms of skin numbing are very effective but, most of our clients find laser tattoo removal very bearable and actually don’t bother to pre-numb.

We have a simple pricing structure set our at increments of £10 up to Extra Large Tattoos which are priced individually by consultation. We are also happy to give an estimate via WhatsApp by sending your photo through to 07887298008.

tattoo removal test patch

Our test patch is priced at £10 and we also include a full consultation. Extra Small Tattoos may not require a test patch.

tattoo removal prices

Our Prices are estimates due to saturation of pigment and overall ink quantity within a tattoo.

Test Patch £10

Extra Small to Small - Small tattoos incur a minimum charge of £25 - The size of a 50p or less or equivalent to 50 shots

Small to Medium £35 - The size of 3 x 50p or equivalent to around 200 shots

Medium £45 - Up to the size of a credit card or equivalent to around 350 shots

Large £55 - Up to the size of a £10 note or equivalent to 500 shots

Extra Large from £85 or equivalent to 1000 shots

tattoo removal free consultations

We suggest you book a free consultation with our laser specialist to discuss a treatment plan and price for extra large tattoos. You can book online via our appointments page.


Beauty fades away, only the memories remain

It’s exactly the same for your tattoos!

how long to removal tattoos with laser

Laser tattoo removal will take multiple treatments to lighten for a cover-up or full removal, a test patch can help to determine how many single sessions could be required to achieve your goal. There isn’t currently any laser on the market that can remove a tattoo in a single session. Old tattoos using pre 90s pigment are the easiest to remove and we have removed these types of tattoos within 4 sessions when previously using the older type Q-switched laser.

Modern tattoo inks are made to be brighter for longer and to not fade over time, which means newer tattoos of less than 5 years old are the toughest to remove. You be looking at 12 to 16 sessions over 1 to 2 years to remove them.

new picosecond tattoo removal laser leicester

Our New Feb 2019 PICOSECOND Laser is a specific type of laser for the removal of Black, Grey & Colour tattoos. Removing them twice as fast as other lasers.

Most tattoos are removed within 6 sessions

Old tattoos of 20 years or more can be removed in as little as 2 sessions.

Semi permanent make-up removal

Sometimes your tattooed make-up just isn’t what you expected, what you wanted or it fades to an unwanted hue of colour. This is when tattoo removal is required. We offer removal and correction of Microblade Brows, Powder Brows, Lips, Beauty Spots. We highly recommend booking a free consultation to discuss your options.

We suggest a test patch and consultation which can be booked at our appointments page and cost £10

Our price for the removal of semi permanent make-up is £55 per session. We suggest 2 to 3 sessions for complete removal, but due to the sensitivity of the facial skin it may take longer where scarring has been caused by microblading or machine tattooing. We take every precaution not to cause any further scarring which can take a little longer to remove.

Our laser specialist is also a fully qualified semi permanent make-up artist trained in microblading and advanced machine techniques and colour correction.


Our most popular treatments are:

HIFU Face Lift, Fat Cavitation fat reduction with Fat Zapp, Cellulite treatment with Leg Zapp, Non-surgical buttock lifting with Bum Zapp, Fat Freeze with Cryolipolysis, Carbon Laser Acne Treatment, Radio Frequency anti-ageing facial, Microblade Eyebrows, Lip Blushing Tattoo and Stretched Earlobe Repair.

We are local to and servicing the following areas:

Leicester Groby Markfield Coalville Loughborough Hinckley LFE Fosse Park Wigston Thurmaston Syston Aylestone Lutterworth Enderby Oadby Melton Mowbray Kirby Muxloe

NEW February 2019 Picosecond laser tattoo removal. Remove tattoos safely in half the time!

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