Fat Loss and Fat Reduction Treatments

Fat freezing (CRYOLIPOLYSIS)

Local fat deposits can be reliably and painlessly removed!

Permanent and painless fat cell reduction via freezing treatment and removal of dead fat cells through the lymphatic system.

In addition to classic lipoplasty (liposuction), cryolipolysis and fat cavitation are the only reliable, non-invasive procedures that permanently reduces fat cells. Without surgery, without pain and without recovery time after just 60 minutes.

When diet and exercise don’t help, you can rely on fat freeze!

The tissue-cooling technology, selectively eliminates fat cells without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue. This is based on the fact that, fat cells are more sensitive to cold stimuli than other tissue structures. Safe treatment does not require direct skin contact and can guarantee no injuries (frostbite) with the highest cooling efficiency. Integrated red LEDs provide additional stimulation of blood circulation. The individual treatment of areas with up to 3 different treatment tool sizes guarantees the best results.

A painless follow-up treatment with Lymphatic Zapp 10 to 14 days later guarantee that the dead fat cells are eliminated from the problem areas. The natural elimination process takes 8-12 weeks, after which a visible reduction of the fat layer is achieved.

Fat reduction of 20 to 40% without surgery or pain!

Fat Freeze is ideal for healthy people with normal eating and exercise habits who have gabbable fatty deposits that cannot be reduced through diet and exercise alone.

For obese people seeking weight reduction, cryolipolysis is not suitable. The treatment’s purpose is the local reduction of fat cells in specific problem areas, without pain, without risks and without recovery time. If you at looking to reduce an area like arms we can offer help with fat fat freezing but, we cannot reduce overall body weight. We would suggest weekly treatments of Fat Zapp being incorporated into a healthier diet and regular activity to start the process of weight loss. Free consultations for body treatments are available to book at out appointments page.

Fire & Ice Fat Reduction

Our Fire & Ice treatment uses combined body technology to offer the most amount of fat loss possible from a single treatment. Combining heat from the first treatment of fat cavitation and radio frequency we can reduce your adipose fat layer and tighten the skin while inducing collagen and elastin into the skin, before activating the cryolipolysis. By doing this we are able to send the cold wave further and deeper into the fatty deposit. Meaning there is a large destruction of fat cells. After 45 minutes freezing we bring the area back to normal body temperature with cavitation which shatters the frozen fat cells. This gives the maximum loss currently possible from a single treatment.

The best news is yet to come!

This treatment continues to work to reduce fat in the treated are for the following 12 weeks.

Due to the amount of fat released during this treatment we only offer a maximum of 2 large cryo cups which is 2 areas to be treated in a 7 day period.

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Our most popular treatments are:

HIFU Face Lift, Fat Cavitation fat reduction with Fat Zapp, Cellulite treatment with Leg Zapp, Non-surgical buttock lifting with Bum Zapp, Fat Freeze with Cryolipolysis, Carbon Laser Acne Treatment, Radio Frequency anti-ageing facial, Microblade Eyebrows, Lip Blushing Tattoo and Stretched Earlobe Repair.

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