Cosmetic Tattooing

Excellent resultS that last, that's our make-up guarantee

Whether you are looking for a subtle kind of natural enhancement or a more striking make-up look we are able to find the perfect style of make-up to match your personality. Our techniques have been learned and re-learned in the newest styles from Microblading to Ombre shading, Lipstick lips to soft lip blush. Dramatic Latino winged eyeliner to natural lash-line enhancement. Whatever your style is we will match it.

Now using revolutionary new pigments! Our pigments have taken the world by storm and have revolutionised cosmetic tattooing.

*Stronger depth of natural colours

*Colours that stay true and don’t change to unwanted hues overtime.

*Aftercare that means you no longer need to avoid water. We ask you to wash your new make up twice a day.

*Longer lasting pigments

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Choose your preference of brow types

Microblade Brows & Microblading

The microbladed brow technique is designed to give you the most natural looking brows that have a highly manicured look. It will not look like make-up but like hairs. This type of brow is perfect to enhance a brow with some shape and existing hair. A 6 week top up is required and is free of charge if you return no later than 8 weeks after your first appointment. This is to check the colour and to add extra dimension after the healing period. Some people will require a third top up for microblade brows. This is due to the way your body heals, your lifestyle or your type of skin. If you have high fading after the top-up then a second top-up treatment will be required to seal the colour, this is charged at £50.

3D Shaded Microblade Brows

This type of brow gives strength to microbladed brows and a realistic 3D look. This is also perfect for anyone who has large areas of hair loss or complete hair loss. It will infill lost or missing areas, camouflage patchy areas and will also massively increase the life of the pigment. Meaning they can last twice as long a microblading alone.

3D Shaded Microblade brows include free shading and a free top up 6 weeks later as long as you return no more than 8 weeks after.

Ombre Shaded brows

This type of brow offers you a strong tail and mid section to your brow, creating a strong shape where the front of the brow is light and soft. This softens the tattooing effect to give your face a naturally and beautifully framed look, without a solid start to the brow. Perfect for people who have some brow hair but want a good brow shape and colour. A top up treatment is required 6 weeks after your first treatment. This is to firm up the brows after the healing period and make sure the colour is correct. This is free of charge if take no longer than 8 weeks after your first appointment.

Powder brows

This is a more traditional brow type, it is for anyone who has previously had permanent make-up due to its highly pigmented coverage. It is able to cover brows that have faded to unwanted colours like orange, blue or green, and anyone who requires brow correction work for previous cosmetic tattooing. It is also perfect for anyone with little to no hair that is wanting to make sure that they have a no fuss, no worries perfect brow 24/7 that will last for 12 or more months. A top up treatment is required 6 weeks after your first treatment, this is free of charge if taken no later than 8 weeks from your first treatment.

Combination brows

This is our ultimate brow and the first choice for anyone wanting a strong brow with a make-up look but still wanting the natural look of microblading. This is a full procedure of microblading at the front and mid section of the brow joining to the top arch and tail and a full procedure of highly pigmented ombre for a strong brow. This brow requires a top up treatment 6 weeks after your first. This is to make sure the colour is strong enough, the shape is still on point and to firm the pigment to give your brows extra long life. The top up is free if you return to us no later than 8 weeks after your first appointment.

Baby powder brows

These brows are perfect for blondes or those with very fair skin, and those who do not want a prominent brow, but do want a defiant shape and style to their brow. It is also great for anyone wanting a soft and subtle look that does not appear to even look like cosmetic tattooing. We can create the most beautifully delicate brows using this method. Usually only requiring a single treatment that will last 12 months.

If you do get used to your brow quickly within the first 8 weeks and feel a stronger look would be right for you then we do include a free top but, most people are happy with their new soft brows for around 12 months.

Brow correction and laser tattoo removal

We offer laser tattoo removal for eyebrow tattoos including microblading, if you've decided that you would just like to remove the tattoo and not replace or correct the old tattoo we can help you to remove it. This includes brows that have changed colour to orange/red/green/blue/black/brown.

If you would like correction for your brows we are also able to help with that and by using laser and our amazing new pigments we will be able to cover the old and laser what we can’t cover. This process is very effective in creating your perfect brows but, it does take time to achieve the best results. A free consultation is available to book with our laser and tattoo specialist who will be able to advise more for you, based on your assessment.


Lip Tattoos

We offer 3 types of lip tattoos in a range of colours. Please read our descriptions below to find your perfect lip tattoo.

Lip blush colour

This type of lip tattoo is available in a range of soft pastel colours that are a natural lip colour. The procedure is a just 30 minutes and usually there isn't any bruising or bleeding. No boarders and no edges just a naturally coloured lip. Once healed you will only ever require a quick lick of lip balm or Vaseline to achieve the perfect lip. A top up isn't usually required for 12 months of beautiful lip colour, but if you would like a little more colour this is included free of charge. *We can only tattoo on the lips we cannot and would not colour the skin. If you would like bigger lips we advise lip filler.

OMBRE boarder lip gloss

This stylised lip tattoo offers all the benefits of a gloss lip but, it has the added benefit of contouring and extra colour that gradually fades into the lips. Again we can only tattoo the lips not the skin. We can offer small corrections or balancing to asymmetrical lips but only within a certain range. This means that your lip stick tattoo will ALWAYS look natural and not turn bitty around the vermillion boarder later on.


This type of tattoo offers a strong colour to the lips similar to wearing a lipstick. Usually colours are brighter with more depth, we would expect to brighten the colour to the ideal shade by having a top up treatment 8 weeks later. Your top up treatment is free of charge within 10 weeks of your first appointment.

Eye liner

This treatment is perfect for anyone wanting to have no fuss eyes that get noticed. Treatment available as soft and subtle, eyelash enhancing, thin liner, thick liner, liner with flick and as a smoky shadow.

However you choose to wear your eyeliner we are able to match it.

A top up treatment is required for eyeliner and this is free of charge if you return to us no more than 10 weeks after your first appointment.


Our most popular treatments are:

HIFU Face Lift, Fat Cavitation fat reduction with Fat Zapp, Cellulite treatment with Leg Zapp, Non-surgical buttock lifting with Bum Zapp, Fat Freeze with Cryolipolysis, Carbon Laser Acne Treatment, Radio Frequency anti-ageing facial, Microblade Eyebrows, Lip Blushing Tattoo and Stretched Earlobe Repair.

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