Body Sculpting & Fat Reduction

Why choose DLS clinic for fat reduction?

We are a dedicated body sculpting and contouring clinic, currently offering two body treatment rooms operating with two full time body specialists. Our specialists have extensive knowledge and experience within this sector as well as having received the highest level of accredited training, achieving level 4, manufacturer training and Fat Zapp certification and continued development training.


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All of our body treatment are FDA Approved safe and effective for the reduction of adipose fat. Our aesthetic fat reduction and body sculpting machines are supplied and maintained by a U.K based company, who also conduct training on site for their machines. We do not use inferior Chinese imports with unknown origin or specifications.


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fat zap Instant fat reduction treatment

This treatment uses safe ultrasound cavitation, to essentially cause the fat cells to “pop” releasing the fat into the blood stream, to be used as energy or metabolised and excreted through drinking water. The fat cells are processed through the lymphatic system in a natural process. This process is very effective in destroying newly stored fat and we expect large inch loss during the first few sessions. This is a permanent loss (if a balanced diet is consistent) but, we recommend using a calorie app like My Fitness Pal or slimming world/ weight watchers to help you, if you struggle on your own. Multiple treatments are recommended spaced a week apart or twice a week for several weeks where there is dense fatty pockets containing old stored fat. These will need to be broken down in a process called lipolysis. Radio frequency is also used in this process for a twofold effect, heating the released fat to mobilise it to the bloodstream, heat fat cells to sweat out more fat and to tone and tighten skin improving elasticity and reducing the texture and appearance of stretch marks.

Exercise is not necessary to achieve results, but we always advocate a healthy lifestyle to help you to attain the most from your treatments.

Each single session (per area) is 45 minutes

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Love your legs again.

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leg zapp and cellulite treatment

This amazing cellulite and fat destruction treatment can totally change the appearance of your legs, with regular treatments spaced one week apart you will notice a difference from the first treatment and by the 6th you will be amazed.

A single session covers either the fronts or the back of legs from knees to top of the thighs and a double session will cover both backs and fronts of legs. Each session intensively works your area of concern using Fat Zapp ultrasound cavitation and Radio frequency to reduce and soften fat. The final part of treatment uses combined Vacuum therapy and Infrared in a process that twists and pulls like a deep massage. This action stretches the fibres within the skin that are the causes of cellulite, and the fat contained within them. The sensation is similar to a deep massage. This comprehensive leg treatment has many health benefits, including improving circulation, reducing water retention, boosting metabolism and increasing the function of the lymphatic system. This will also ease aching and tired legs. Results are seen after the first treatment, 3 to 4 sessions will improve mild concerns, moderate and severe cases will require around 12 to 24 sessions to achieve optimum results

Each single session is 60 minutes

A double sessions is 120 minutes


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The amazing bum lifting zapp

This non-surgical Brazilian style bum lift is now renowned the world over for solid results that can’t be achieved in the gym alone. Covering the area at the back of the thighs and the buttocks, this treatment uses Fat Zapp ultrasound cavitation to breakdown unwanted fatty areas, lumps and bumps and Radio frequency to tighten, lift and tone the skin. The final part of treatment uses combined Vacuum therapy and Infrared in a process that twists and pulls like a deep massage. This action stretches the fibers within the skin that are the causes of cellulite, and the fat contained within them.

It is also able to push fat upwards to plump the buttocks, This is true body sculpting and with multiple treatments you will see a marked change in body shape as well as the tone of your skin becoming smooth and free from cellulite. We would also advise that any extra workout that you can do for the buttocks while having Bum Zapp treatments will maximise your results through increasing the muscle mass. You will see results from even a single treatment but, to achieve a physical body change we recommend 4 to 8 sessions.

Each Single session is 60 minutes

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Freeze your fat away

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Fat Freeze (Cryolipolysis)

This amazing fat reduction treatment is perfect for grabbable fatty areas on the body. Especially if they are stubborn and won’t budge, when you actively diet and exercise. It works by using a very clever technique of freezing only fat and leaving all skin and tissue unharmed. This is achieved because fat will freeze at a much higher temperature than water. The body starts to recognise that the frozen area has unusable fat stored at about a week post procedure. Once this happened your body will start to remove the fat cells in a process called lipolysis, which will happen passively over a 12 week period. Reducing the fatty area by 20% to 40%.

Our recommended treatment is to Turbo Boost your Fat Freeze with the addition of Fat Zapp at the end of your treatment. This is available to add on to your treatment at our online booking. This is the best way to bring your skin back up to normal body temperature. It prevents bruising, improves circulation and shatters the frozen fat cells. Giving you instant and permanent fat loss to boost you fat loss.

We also recommend you return to use at about 10 to 14 days after your Fat Freezing to follow up your treatment with a Lymphatic Zapp. This treatment will help to clear your Lymphatic system which can be come over loaded at around this time due to the increase in fat and cell processing from you Fat Freezing treatment. You will also have additional inch loss, boost your metabolism and increase circulation, preventing feelings of tiredness, sluggishness and helping to remove toxins that will have been stored in your body.

Our average permanent fat loss results for Fat Freeze, Fat Zapp Turbo Boost and Lymphatic Zapp treatments over a 14 day period are 3 to 7 inches when measuring around the stomach on the belly button.

We include a free of charge consultation with every body treatment, this will be conducted before your first treatment and then the first 5 minutes of any further body treatments. We will discuss your shape changes and inch loss and decide which treatment and area you would like to work on for that appointment.

fatfreezing areas

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